How to get the best weapons in pixel gun 3d

A quick buying guide for Pixel Gun 3D newbies

Are you a beginner to Pixel Gun 3D? If you are, then this guide is going to be extremely useful to you. This Pixel Gun 3D guide is going to be extremely helpful for beginners, especially if you are not familiar with all of the basics of the game. You could become a much better player much faster if you follow this guide on the game. You are sure to be able to learn which of the best weapons and equipment that you can buy in Pixel Gun.

Best weapons to buy in Pixel Gun 3D

pixel gun 3d coins hackOne of the best long range weapons that you can buy with coins is the marksman. This gun has a decent lethality at exceptionally long range. This is because it has got a decent scope that gives you a lot of accuracies. And if you have got the gems to upgrade it, you can upgrade it to the Marksman 1 or 2. You would just have to spend around 70 gems to do so.

As a backup melee weapon, you should buy the katana. You can use coins to purchase this melee weapon. And it offers decent speed so that you can run while using it. You could also buy the chainsaw sword with gems, especially if you want a melee weapon that has got a very high attack speed. These melee weapons are the best ones that you can get for either coins or gems.

For pistol backup weapons, you could get the Dual Hawks. You can purchase these guns for gems. It has got a relatively high lethality, and it also has got a great ammo capacity, especially for a backup weapon. If you would like to get a backup weapon with coins, you should buy the Dead Star. This gun has got a small ammo capacity, but it offers a good fire-rate and a decent lethality as well.

Best equipment to buy in Pixel Gun 3d

Extreme mobility is extremely useful in Pixel Gun. You can buy either the Berserk Boots or the Ninja Tabi. You can buy these two boots with either gems or coins, respectively. Buying these guns are extremely significant because they can allow you to double-jump.

For masks, you do not have a lot of options for coins. You can get the Maniac Mask for coins since it could increase your melee damage. But the best mask to get is one that you can buy for gems with pixel gun 3d hack apk, which is the Demolition Mask.

A great all-around hat to get is the Burning Tiara – you can purchase it using coins. It improves a lot of stats, such as movement speed and jump height.


These tips on Pixel Gun are going to be helpful especially to newbies to the game. It would not be difficult at all to beat other players in the multiplayer mode of the match. All of these tips for the game are also applicable to any version of the event. You could still use this even if you download a Pixel Gun 3d update. It would be extremely beneficial to you, if you followed these guidelines, especially if you are still a beginner to Pixel Gun 3D.

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